Berea College Provides Debt-Free Degrees

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Education is more accessible than ever due to advanced technology, but it’s still expensive and even if many people would like to study, they cannot afford it.

Nonetheless, it seems that Berea College has found an incredible solution: its students earn debt-free college degrees. Even though classes are similar to many colleges all over America, the difference is that Berea College students don’t pay a bill for tuition. A four-year undergraduate degree at this college costs about $100,000, while the average American student has to pay $24,000 for his university education, but graduates from this college don’t have such problems.

Berea College students pay their education by working at various jobs provided by the college. Students work approximately 10 hours between classes, so they don’t have to miss out their courses. One of the students weaves cloth that will be sold to tourists in college stores and this is how she will graduate debt free.




Many students are very satisfied with this as after graduating they will already have experience and also a fresh financial start. Even if a few jobs are not related to the careers that some students want to pursue after graduating, at least students have the possibility to develop useful skills and they also save a lot of money.




Additionally, students learn to work in teams, to have initiative, to show up in time and to have attendance and all these will be useful when they work in a company. Here, at this college, they also have the opportunity to choose from over 100 different positions, including woodworking and skilled crafts.



As today many young people have never worked, employers have to train them from the very beginning on what it means to work, but Berea College students know this even before graduating, so their careers will develop faster and easier.




Berea College is one of seven so-called “work” colleges in USA, but it seems that more and more schools are interested in this wonderful approach. In the past, this college provided a way for poor students to pay their college education, but today, this type of program has several purposes.