Free College Education in the USA is a Must

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In times of financial crisis, every penny is extremely important. New York City provided it during the Great Depression, America offered it to veterans after World War II, and we need it today: free college. This means no tuition whatsoever for all qualified students. An existing model persuasively says the plan can work. But first, here is why free college is a must.

The American nation and the entire world is facing a crisis, with vast domestic and worldwide implications, that can only be addressed by thinking out of the box education. U.S. was once the leader in the percentage of college graduates between the ages of 25-34 and has dropped to number 12 out of the 36 developed nations.


The high costs of higher education is pushing students out of the halls of learning. Add that to the crippling student loans that will burden students and their families for decades. Student debt is now greater than total credit card debt for the entire nation. Outstanding student loans total more than a staggering $ 979 billion and that figure is growing at the rate of $2.854 a second, with the average debt now exceeding $25.000.


The government is aware of this problem, but doesn’t have a strong solution. While free college might be a great idea, it is a lot harder to implement it, because there is a huge amount of money involved. As a radical solution, President Obama threatened to withdraw federal funding to colleges that jack up tuition. He also proposed lowering interest rates and repayment schedules on student loans.

With all these problems at hand, there are however some colleges that provide students with great academic records a free spot on the campus. Many of these universities are funded by endowments, state programs, or even student workers. They all offer an incredibly affordable way to get high quality education.

Here are five of the best free colleges in the United States.

  1. Alice Llyod College. Located in Pippa Passes, Kentucky, this college offers free tuition to students who demonstrate achievement on the SAT/ACT as well as GPA in pre-college curriculum.
  2. The Cooper Union offers academic programs in architecture, art and engineering. Undergraduates are admitted solely based on merit and all receive full scholarships.
  3. The University of Arizona. Provided that you have exceeded testing standards, students can receive a tuition waiver to attend this University.
  4. Oregon Institute of Technology. National Merit Scholarship Finalists and those with otherwise excellent qualifications can receive full resident tuition from the Institute.
  5. Lorain County Community College is the place where students can earn merit based free tuition or receive the Diversity Incentive Award, which gives this Community College high school graduates of specific ethnic groups free tuition.


Of course, there are more free colleges that provide excellent study conditions for students who cannot afford to go to the more prestigious institutions, such as Yale, Harvard or Brown. Despite the major financial problems U.S. is facing, it is high time these changes in education took place.

Free College Degrees Can Be Earned By Anyone

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Maybe you had no idea, but free college degrees can actually be obtained by anyone who possess enough knowledge in a certain field that can assure their success. So, free college degrees can be obtained with no need to attend education programs, only by having enough experience and knowledge in a domain. After all, a degree is meant to prove your knowledge and if you already possess the skills, you no longer need to attend new courses.

Free college degrees can easily be obtained when you are able to offer a proof of your skills and knowledge. For example, offering the proof that you possess past experience and great results in a particular domain will be enough to get your free college degrees. The experience, summed with past education or linked activities to that particular field, will easily help you get free college degrees. Such free college degrees can also be obtained when you want to research a certain field or when you want to return to school to study more and you need a certification of your past knowledge. Since you already have a valuable experience and some amazing skills, obtaining your free college degrees will be really simple. Everything you have done so far and all your achievements in that field will help you, so make sure you will not ignore aspects such as past training courses, and all volunteering work.

Well, there are two main advantages that free college degrees suppose. The first one is linked to the fact that the degree will be offered to you with less efforts, and the second one is that it supposes no costs. Online, you will be able to find numerous accredited institutions which will offer free college degrees and you can opt for the one that best matches your needs. Complete and submit the application form and you will be able to get your free college degrees really simple. An evaluation form may also be required to be completed, but this aspect can vary depending on the type of program. The most important aspect you need to check is for the institution to be an accredited one, to make sure that your degree will be recognized worldwide.

How to Get Free College Degrees

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Nowadays, getting a college degree is very important, especially if you are looking to pursue a career which has many financial rewards. Most companies do not even take into consideration people who do not have a college degree, no matter the reason. However, one of the main reasons why high school graduates do not attend a college is because they cannot afford it. The money issue is a very serious problem, but know you no longer have to worry about it, due to the free college degrees.

You may not believe that free college degrees exist, but they do, and here are some information on how to get them. First, know that many colleges offer full scholarships, so the students who receive them get free college degrees. However, the question is how to get a full scholarship. Well, the easiest way to find out how to get a free college degree due to a scholarship is to do some research. The Internet is the best place to search for colleges who offer this option, and on their websites you can find all the information that you want about the requirements that possible candidates have to fulfill in order to get free college degrees. As a student, do not be afraid to ask as many questions as you want about the school and its accreditation. You could also opt for an online accredited college, which offers free college degrees for life experience.

For those who already have a job, but who are looking to get free college degrees, know that there are opportunities for them, too. Employees who have gained valuable experience, skills and extensive training can use these advantages to get free college degrees. People who are very involved in community service activities are also likely to receive free college degrees, as well as those who have a job or a career training in an organization. So if you are looking for a way to get free college degrees, remember that the most important aspects are education, life experience, successful jobs and other activities that colleges find interesting. You just have to do some research, to get involved and to constantly educate yourself, and free college degrees will basically come to you.

Are There Really Free College Degrees?

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A lot of people are wondering if there is such a thing as a free college degree. There are quite a few people who have already taken advantage of opportunities such as scholarships and grants to essentially earn their college degree without spending anything at all, at least when it comes to tuition. There are some other expenses associated with going to college, such as books, individual class fees, and other things which can add up after a while, making it extremely important to look into all of your options when trying to go to school so you can earn a degree or some sort.

Anyone who wants to earn their degree without spending a lot of money or even nothing at all will definitely want to take a look at all of the possibilities there are, including scholarships which you may be eligible for. There are quite a few opportunities out there which you will be able to take advantage of; the key is to do as much research as possible so you will know what all of your options are. Chances are you will eventually come across a scholarship or grant which you will quality for, meaning that you will get money for college that you won’t have to pay back. The government gives out money to people who demonstrate a financial need and want to earn a degree, so you will want to fill out a FAFSA form online as soon as possible.

Free College Courses

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Taking advantage of free college courses is always a great way to get ahead without having to invest too much money into the program. The best thing to do is to find a course selection which offers a vocation or education path that you will wish to take. Although the college courses may be free, you will not be able to go through them completely free. There are many different factors with taking these classes that you will need to look into before enrolling.

First, books are some of the most costly portions of free college courses. Books can be as expensive as hundreds of dollars per text book. One of the ways to cover these extra costs is to make an effort to apply for scholarships and other help which can provide the funds needed to make it possible for you to truly get your schooling free. This makes a great opportunity to really make it possible to pay off all of the book expenses of free college courses at a physical school or through online courses.

Another thing to consider is the fact that you may require materials outside of text book requirements. This could be for artistic materials in art based courses. Possible labs for free classes may require a lab fee to be able to complete the course. The fact is that some classes are not free past the course selection. The most that students could do is make sure that they have the available funds to cover these expenses in some way. Some students which qualify for scholarships may be able to have a large amount of extra money left over to use on other expenses.

Free College Football Picks

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College football is a sport that has long been sweepin the nation in popularity. No matter where in the country you go, there is always a hometown team, and there is always a rival team that has a seemingly infinite population to match the home town favorite. Many Americans even take part in fantasy football, which allows users to pick individual players and put them on a “team” together, tallying up the total points that each scores in several different categories so see who is the winning “team” at the end of a week.

One step beyond the individual game of fantasy football, is the college football pick

Free College Applications

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College applications are very useful in getting you into an appropriate school for your situation. The important thing to remember is that these applications are almost always available for free. Some websites even offer databases of applications which you could complete and submit free of charge. These services are provides to help better the education of the individuals who are interested in getting a useful education. Even if the education is not free but requires hard work for scholarships and other possible ways to pay for the education, it is still a step forward towards greater prospects of employment.

These free college applications are amazing to use and submit to colleges around the country. They can allow you to get the greatest chances of getting accepted to a college. Getting your application in on time is an important thing to remember because acceptance will not guarantee that you will be able to get in the semester that you are planning on attending. The sooner you submit your free college applications, the better off you are. Getting the most opportunities out of free college applications is important because it allows you to have the highest chances of being accepted.

It is easy to submit your applications online and you can even get assistance to pay for your college online. Getting accepted by multiple colleges allows you to have choices on where you wish to go. Having more choices also opens up more opportunities to research the colleges and make a better choice towards the career path you choose. Possibilities of getting accepted are great and some colleges will request a transcript of your previous grades from high school or another learning institution to better place you in their scholastic program. Make sure to provide the appropriate information.

Free College Degree – Is It Really Possible?

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When some people use Google to search for “free college degrees,” they are simply looking for a fake college diploma that they can print. While a fake college diploma can be used for a joke, it’s obviously not something that can be used to obtain a better job. However, this doesn’t mean that a free college degree isn’t a legitimate possibility. Thanks to all of the public and private scholarships that are available, getting a free college degree is a more viable opportunity than ever before.

However, it’s important to understand that no one is going to magically give you a free college degree. If you want to find a way to go to college and have it paid for, you are going to have to put in a lot of work. If you are still in high school, this means that you need to strive to get the best grades possible. You should also get involved with extracurricular activities at your school, as well as other activities like volunteering in your community.

In addition to working hard in these areas, you are also going to have to invest a significant amount of time into searching and applying for scholarships. Keep in mind that the more scholarships that you find and are able to apply for, the better your odds are for receiving money to put towards a free college degree. One important tip is that you shouldn’t overlook scholarships just because they are small. While a $250 scholarship may not seem like much, receiving multiple smaller scholarships will start to add up quite quickly.

Free School: Myth or Reality?

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People with a college degree make more money and lead happier healthier lives. This makes finding the right school, degree program and most assistance you can, a necessity and not an option for anyone that isn’t very well off.

At public schools, which are generally designated with state or local monikers, there is a chance that you could get your education paid for by the government through grants that are based on income. If, however, you are from a middle class family that has $20,000 in the bank, you will probably find that you have to pay for your own education with no help from the government.

In situations like that it would be wise to look for your attributes and talk with a counselor that can help you find scholarships that will pay the majority of your education fees. If you can’t find, or don’t qualify for any special scholarships, then your chances at getting a free college degree goes out the window. There will be no help from anyone, except yourself and hopefully your family, to earn your degree.

But don’t lose hope. There are subsidized and deferred loans that allow you to attend school without having to pay them back until after you graduate. These loans are generally issued through the government and have a lower interest rate than those that are through private financial institutions. These loans allow you to attend school, work your way up in a company while earning a degree and then, after graduation, begin repaying the loan.

Free College Degrees Offer Educational Opportunities for Everyone

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When the thought of going to college comes up most people think of how expensive that it can be. And they are very right in this assumption. Getting a college degree can be very expensive which makes larger and larger numbers of people believe that this is something that they cannot accomplish. It does not have to be this ways as with free college degrees anything can be possible.

How does one set out to get a free college degree you might be asking yourself? You need to start looking to find yourself scholarships. Getting scholarships can be a long but extremely rewarding process. And you don’t need to stop at looking for scholarships for good grades. If you can put in the time looking you will be able to find scholarships for most things even some that strike you as kind of odd so do not leave any stone unturned in your search.

You can also search for grants that will cover the costs of your college education. While a lot of them might not offer as much money as many scholarships do they are still worth looking into. Here again you can let your imagination run wild as far as where you look for your grant sources as you never know where you will find the support you need to achieve your free college degree.

No when you are thinking of going to college and feel like you are unable able to afford it then think again.

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